Creating Coupon Codes for Tours

There are 2 kinds of codes, app-wide coupon codes and coupon codes for tours. While the app-wide coupon codes allow you to lock the whole app, the coupon codes for tours allow you to lock individual tours or collection in your app.

You can set up both in-app purchases and coupon codes for tours at the same time. In this help article, you will learn how to create a lock screen for a tour and generate a coupon code for that tour.

  1.       Access the coupon code setting screen by choosing Project>> your app (project) >>Submit tab>> Coupons & Pricing>>Lock the Content
  2.       To create a lock screen, choose Manage Locks


  1.       On the open window, choose Tours (or List) that you want to lock the content then choose Manage Lock Content


  1.       On the open window, toggle the inactive button. You can fill out the optional information on the left-hand side then hit Save & Close


  1.       To create a coupon code for a tour, choose the Generate Codes button (next to the Manage Locks button). Choose the tour/list that you want to create codes for from the dropdown menu then generate the code in the sections below. Hit Generate.


Make sure you check for updated content in the app settings to get the updated version of your app. The app is also updated automatically every 24 hours. If you remove a coupon code for a tour, make sure you check for updated content or reinstall the app in order to see the change.


  • Click on the Download CSV button will allow you to download a list of active codes.
  • The code usage is tracked in the redemptions column. 
  • After the validation date or if you cancel a code, the end-user could not access the content anymore no matter they redeemed that code before.